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Studio ERS is a small one-woman ceramics business run by me, Emily Rose Sinclair. I'm a mostly self-taught potter currently based in Peckham. I was recently on your BBC1 screens for Series 2 of Make It At Market. You can watch my episode on iPlayer.

My work is a mix of handbuilt and wheelthrown, and more often than not I create products that relate to two of my other great loves: food and flowers. This means you'll find lots of vases, plates, platters and snack dishes on my online shop and instagram. My process normally involves an initial doodle on a scrap of paper, before coming to life in my studio. 

I try to work in small batches so as not to overproduce unnecessarily and I offer the option to pre-order something which is out of stock. This means your order will take a little longer to arrive, around 6-8 weeks, but it means I'm producing work which I know has has a home - a much more environmentally friendly way of running a small business which relies heavily on natural resources and significant energy consumption.


You can usually find me flogging my wares at markets around London. I'll always have details of the next market I'll be at on instagram.


If you'd like to commission something, or you want to chat pots, please send me a message using the contact form, or email me at - I'd love to hear from you!

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